Giving up addictions is always difficult, and for those patients who have not been able to achieve complete recovery with traditional rehab centers, alternative therapy clinics can offer their patients something more. Many addicts have suffered due to feelings of failure, which often combine with the crippling hunger of addiction to ensure that these addicts who have tried to give up, but failed, are riddled with appalling levels of guilt and self-blame. The only solution to this problem is to try an alternative treatment method, such as the Ayahuasca retreat center therapy, which offers a number of treatments specifically designed to help addicts to gain the strength that they need to permanently quit.

Ayahuasca Retreat


What is Ayahuasca?

Researchers in the field of alternative medicine have shown that the chances of addicts achieving full recovery are greatly increased when they take a psychoactive tea called Ayahuasca. This tea has been used in South America for hundreds of years, and it has been demonstrated to provide a very useful support to addicts when they need help. Unlike traditional medicines for heroine, which contain an even more powerful opiate than the illegal drug, Ayahuasca has no history of addiction, and many people have used it without ill effects at carefully managed Ayahuasca retreat centers that offer drug recovery sessions.


How Ayahuasca can help addicts

The main problem with addiction lies not only in the physical craving for the drug, but also in the psychological dependence upon the drug. This dependence may stem from traumatic childhoods, from negative experiences in the teens and twenties, and even in the traditional therapeutic methods used to treat drug addiction. Together, these issues can create powerful glue which essentially sticks the addict to the drug they crave. Ayahuasca is a powerful medicine which produces a hallucinogenic experience which can last for up to 6 hours. This is an intense experience, and can lead addicts to identify the causes of their problems, or the things which are preventing them from achieving a full recovery.


What happens after treatment?

After the drink has been consumed, and the hallucinogenic experience has passed, addicts still have a lot of work to do. Recovery is not just about one-hit and you’re done. Instead, it is about using the experiences of the medicine to make significant steps towards recovery. That is why the Ayahuasca retreat center will also have therapists, dieticians, fitness coaches and other experts to help the addict on their way.