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Our Ayahuasca Retreat Center for Your Freedom from Addiction

The Role of Ayahuasca in Addiction Treatment

Ever heard of this treatment? Well, it comes from a medicinal plant that’s becoming quite a trend of late in treating, not just drug and alcohol addiction but also eating disorders.

This type of treatment will help you stop using the drug you’re addicted to while we guide you to the direction of maintaining a life without such drug. Unlike other treatments, this holistic approach won’t put you at risk of relapse as it completely cures your physical, social, and psychological dependence.

The role of this treatment program is to aid you in physically weaning yourself from your addiction and preparing yourself into a life that’s sober. This holistic treatment will teach you how to truly accept that you’ve lost control of your ability to regulate your substance use. From acceptance, you’ll be able to seek the road to recovery.


Traditional healing with Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca, per se, is a psychoactive tea that’s been used for centuries in South America, particularly in the Amazon region. Its healing properties let you explore your inner mind, hopes and dreams. The success rate of this holistic approach is high based on the brain scans of clients that we have helped and treated.

Our clients who have tried this treatment have finally seen clarity in direction, allowing them to overcome the obstacles in their lives and letting them work on their personal development.


Ayahuasca Retreat

Our Ayahuasca retreat center offers a unique approach to healing and transformative process. While you’re in our retreat center, you’ll attend ceremonies that are led by indigenous healers, with years of experience with this treatment.

Our retreat center provides a safe environment for people seeking treatment to completely heal them. The atmosphere that it offers can provide you a venue for open communication, thereby, encouraging dialog with our healers about challenges of your past and the insights that you receive during the ceremony.

The focus of our retreat center is of healing. We also tackle personal transformation. Our healers will spend their time with you to understand your situation and outcome of your desire. Because we aim to give you personal attention, our retreat center is limited in size.

Our Ayahuasca retreat center is an environment that’s filled with authenticity, openness and safety of your emotions. It’s a place where you can relax and be with yourself.


Ayahuasca treatment

Treating yourself with Ayahuasca is profound and highly transformative. Thus, you’ll experience deep healing on all levels of your life: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This treatment is your way to access your higher state of consciousness and spiritual awakening. For our clients, it gave them the true multi-dimensional nature of themselves, allowing them to go back to who they truly are.


Why it’s a success?

Ayahuasca treatment is all about purging and cleansing. It’s a purgative in a way that you vomit and purge during the experience. But you’re not only cleaning your physical stuff but you’re also purging or releasing your unhealthy and emotional energies that you’ve been carrying. Thus, all emotional wounds, abuse, depression and relationship difficulties are released.

We make sure that you’re fully cleansed when the retreat ends. Thus, you’ll be attending to different Ayahuasca ceremonies and other cleansing activities that draw toxins out of your body to cleanse your skin and body. At the end of your stay, you’ll feel like you’re a new person who’s fully cleansed and eliminated all the negative things in your body, be they emotional or physical.

Personal healing

It’s a type of a healing retreat that lets you be alone with yourself. This is based on an individual program. The treatment provided will be customized according to your needs.

The overall cost of having this treatment is just half the price of what you’re going to spend in a traditional rehab. But the treatment is substantial and it offers more success for your long-term recovery.

While you experience Ayahuasca, you’ll be staying in a relaxing place where you can’t be during your regular days. You won’t only be cared by our qualified healthcare professionals and Ayahuasca experts but you’ll also receive the kind of treatment that works for you, without having to take synthetic medicines.

But don’t just look into the cost of the treatment. Instead, look into its benefits. Going to a treatment center will cost you money. What’s important here is that you’ll have successful recovery.

By choosing Ayahuasca retreat and its treatment, you’ll be recovering sooner. You don’t have to worry about relapses. The holistic approach of this treatment will help you embrace the life that awaits you on the other side of your addiction.


The Success of our Guests is What Drives Us

Since the beginning, we’ve been about making the world a better place by helping people to cure their addictions. The numerous thanks from our guests is the drive that keeps us going, and lets us know that we’re doing a good thing.